Turtles All The Way Down, Vol. II - CD

Turtles All The Way Down, Vol. II - CD
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Artist/Author: Odin's Court

by Odin's Court

Turtles All the Way Down explores deep issues about mankind's understanding of the universe, the individual, and how each new discovery may challenge what we think we understand about our surroundings. 

Matt Brookins comments on the release: "This album takes it up a notch from where Dimetrius, Rick, and I left off with the previous album. I think Turtles II has our best material and production yet. I know artists often say these types of things when talking about a new release, but I think Gary Raub's drum style adds a nice vibe to the sound we previously established. We also went for some 'epic' sounding choruses on this one with layered choirs, which are nicely supplemented by the beautiful voice of Michelle Loose Schrotz [of mid-Atlantic based band Brave]. I think this album also has a big, ambient, and dense sound, but even with that big sound, we still maintain focus on 'the song' because that's what it's all about - the messages and emotions that music attempts to deliver."

1. A Brief History of Time 20:34
2. Will I See You Again 05:24
3. Unmoved Mover 06:28
4. Killing Curiosity 03:49
5. Event Horizon 04:00
6. Infinite Regression 02:34
7. The Burning Tides of Time 07:22
8. My Final Journey 07:32

Band Members
Matt Brookins: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard, and (Studio) Bass
Rick Pierpont: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Dimetrius LaFavors: Vocals
Gary Raub: Drums, Percussion, and Backing Vocals
Jason Pierpont: Live) Bass Guitar