Guilty Of Innocence - CD

Guilty Of Innocence - CD
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Format: CD
Artist/Author: Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius

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Guilty Of Innocence - CD

The 5th studio CD by electric violinist Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius on Melodic Revolution Records. The album features guest appearances by guitarist Alex Skolnick (Testament), keyboardist Rave Tesar (Renaissance), and guitarist/vocalist Randy McStine(The Fringe). The album also features a reimagined version of Muse's classic, "Hysteria," which is the first single.

"Joe Deninzon has made a career-wielding his violin like a guitar. In that way, he has pioneered a new standard for rock violin, much the same way Ian Anderson did for flute." - PROGRESSION MAGAZIN

"Think a bit of Zappa, the Dixie Dregs or Blues Traveler, with the violin being the focal point. Violinist & singer Joe Deninzon's talents are flat out phenomenal, and the progressive rock tapestry he weaves around himself is carried out to perfection by his amazing band." - Music Morsels 

"Deninzon shows how he has earned the nickname the Jimi Hendrix of the violin as he tears through a distortion-heavy solo that points more in the direction of Guns N Roses, Slash than Yo-Yo Ma." - Justin Scro, Cashbox Magazine

"Memorable hooks, gravity-defying instrumental prowess, and a kitchen sink move toward rock If Bela Fleck and Frank Zappa had a love child in outer space, they might grow up to sound like these guys do." - David Budin,

1. Behind the Curtain 3:35
2. Take Your Medicine 4:10
3. Guilty of Innocence 3:16
4. Face 5:46
5. Hysteria 4:13
6. Affluenza 3:08
7. Parallel Reality 3:10
8. Game of Chicken 5:03
9. Dream Diary Cadenza 4:06
10. Soul Food 12:46

Joe Deninzon-electric violin, lead vocals, mandolin, guitar 
Aurelien Budynek-guitar,vocals 
Jamie Bishop-bass, vocals 
Lucianna Padmore-drums 

Rave Tesar-keyboards 
Alex Skolnick-guitar 
Randy McStine-guitar, background vocals 
Melanie Mitrano-vocals 
Eddie Venegas-violin 
Earl Maneein-viola 
Leo Grinhauz-cello 
Patrice Jackson-cello 
Benny Koonyevsky-drums