Dear J - DVD Video

Dear J - DVD Video
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He knew the truth, but he didn't know her...

Inspird by the C.S. Lewis Trilemma

Evangelist James Jamisin must cope with the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Paige, following a heated argument. His torment revolves around the existential questions of life-after-death and her eternal destiny. To sort things out, James admits himself into a psychiatric institute, where he replays a make-believe trial in his mind over and over again.

Dr. Frolick is the newest psychologist at the institute and has been assigned to James' case. As she seeks to unravel the clues to his predicament, the Director of the Institute, Dr. Donovin seems bent on shipping James out. Frolick soon discovers that James doesn't really belong at the institute and the path to his release lies in the still unopened letter Paige wrote before her death. But James refuses to open the letter for fear of what he will find in it.

Dr. Donovin begins to sense a growing attachment between Frolick and her patient. With Frolick suddenly gone "on vacation," James feels
the only safe person to turn to is the Institute's janitor, Staples . However, it is only when James is finally able to summon the courage to open his letter that he can take the key that will release him from the prison of his own making.

Joseph A. Halsey ... James Jamisin
Allison Lane ... Dr. M. Frolick
Carson Grant ... Dr. Donovin
Maya Serhan ... Paige
Patrick Mitchell ... Staples
Karen Lynn Gorney ... The Judge
Michael C. Kricfalusi ... The Bailiff
Hudson Chambers ... Davie Malvideo
Amanda Michelle Short ... Avie Malvideo
Ron Kuriloff ... Professor Boltmaniac
Bruce Nicholls ... Philosopher Hume
Heidi Azaro ... Mother Parrot
Myron Buchholz ... Fumbles
Robert Glasser ... Financial Manager
Blaze Kelly Coyle ... Psych Ward Nurse / Cleopatra
Sharon Gruber ... Judge Double / Psych Ward Nurse

Bonus Features:
  • Behind the scenes
  • Deleted scenes

Dove Family-Approved
Recommended for ages 12 and over

Dove Worldview:
The director sets a mood in this film with flashbacks, the central character speaking to his dead fiancée who appears to be there to listen, vivid colors in some of the scenes, and so forth. The plot revolves around a minister named James who, after falling in love with an unbeliever, pressures her to make a decision for Christ. They have an argument and she dies in an automobile accident before they see each other again. An unopened letter, from the fiancée Paige, to James, with his initial on the envelope, might bring him peace of mind but he can't bring himself to open it and read it. With the help of a lady doctor, who becomes a good friend, he finds the strength to learn the truth of the letter.

There are some mature themes, such as grief and mental problems, in the film but the story deals poignantly with a belief in Christ and the hope beyond the grave. It's interesting to learn that James was born into a prominent atheist family and he loses his inheritance when he becomes a minister. We award this drama our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal.

Sex: None
Language: The Word "Hell" is used a couple of times as a location; "Oh Jesus" is used as a prayer; one character says he would rather be damned to Hell than to have James tell him what to do; one 'bloody" comment.
Violence: Disagreements in court but nothing graphic.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Mild cleavage
Other: A patient at the mental hospital leads a group out of the home; scenes of minister preaching in church; a fantasy trial; a skeptic calls the Christian faith "blarney"; the subject of dealing with death..
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 84 min.

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