Deep Still Blue - DVD Video

Deep Still Blue - DVD Video
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Format: DVD and CD
Artist/Author: 2002

“It has been said they have achieved greatness – it is true.” Pamela and Randy Copus, the duo known as 2002, have graced the Billboard charts for over 264 weeks! With Deep Still Blue, their ninth full release, they return with their signature sound - romantic themes, opulent string arrangements, piano, acoustic guitar, harp, and flute combined with lush vocal textures. This beautifully orchestrated CD and DVD Audio Visual Connect Series™ sets the 2002 trademark sound adrift in an ocean of majesty whilst exploring the exquisite underwater photography of Susan Saibara. Join 2002 as they unveil the mystery of Deep Still Blue enabling a new-found respect for our world's oceans and reefs.

There is one thing that can be said about the music of 2002 - they certainly know how to create music that is ethereal and otherworldly. Actually, in the case of DEEP STILL BLUE, underworldly may be a better term, given that the album was inspired by the vast beauty of the oceans and undersea life. The music features smooth, flowing waves of synthesizer that are accented with light piano, flute, guitar, vocal sounds and some subtle rhythmic textures. This journey to the deep is unique in that 2002 offers not only an audio experience but a video experience as well. The accompanying DVD features stunning underwater photography of coral reefs, exotic fish and other mysterious creatures that offer a beautiful companion to the music. Also on the DVD is an interview with Pamela and Randy Copus. .