Voices of Other Times

Voices of Other Times
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Artist/Author: Bruce Augers & Oblivion Express

This release is spearheaded by legendary award-winning jazz-rock organist Brian Auger. Among his other achievements, Brian's distinguished career has charted 8 albums in the USA alone. Originally from Great Britain, Brian has performed with a who's who of musicians including the Yardbirds, Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry, Eric Burdon and Julie Driscop - with whom his 1969 album Streetnoise received great acclaim and became wildly recognized as the first Jazz/Rock fusion album.

Since that time, Brian has continually and successfully re-invented his Oblivion Express band, toured extensively and released a number of successful records. He has garnered many awards from around the world, including a Grammy Nomination in 1982 for Planet Earth Calling as Best Instrumental Rock Album.

The current incarnation of Brian Auger's Oblivion Express is a family affair. In addition to their famous father, son Karma produces and plays on the album, as does daughter Savannah and several talented family friends, all of whom makes Voices of Other Times the latest joyful adventure from the Oblivion Express.

1) it burns me up
2) isola natale
3) voices of other times
4) splatch
5) indian rope man
6) soul glow
7) victor's delight
8) circles
9) never gonna come down
10) jam side down

Artist Profile
Once upon a time long ago in a land far away an entertainer came along and saw the potential of blending jazz, rock and funky R&B into an entirely new musical hybrid. It was England in the early Sixties and the musician was Brian Auger. His favorite instrument has always been the classic Hammond B-3 organ with its warm, rich, bouncy, whirling, distinctive sound.

Now three-and-a-half-decades later, Auger has put together a new Oblivion Express band and has recorded an album, Voices of Other Times that once again combines all of those same classic ingredients that stunned audiences years ago, but now can be embraced like an old friend.

Although Auger has had solo albums as well as recordings with his first group, the legendary Brian Auger Trinity, he also has been involved in many historic collaborations with artists such as Long John Baldry and Rod Stewart, Sonny Boy Williamson and Jimmy Page, Julie Driscoll, and Eric Burdon. But since 1970, he is best-known for his group Brian Auger's Oblivion Express which has toured the world numerous times and recorded many albums.

The latest edition of the Express is a youthful, hard-hitting, family-oriented incarnation that features Brian on keyboards (the Hammond B3 organ supplemented in the studio by a Rhodes electric piano and on-stage with a Korg S.G. Pro X stage piano), his son Karma D. Auger on drums and percussion (he also serves as producer and engineer), Brian's daughter Savannah Auger on vocals, Dan Lutz on bass, and Chris Clermont on guitars. Long John Oliva is a special guest on the album playing congas.