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Format: CD
Artist/Author: Steven Rhodes

Take time to relax in your bath, listening to this beautiful instrumental music of peace and quiet reflection. Renowned keyboard player Stephen Rhodes uses all his skill to create a picture in our minds of a world where dreams are real and possiblilities are without end. We emerge feeling cleansed and relaxed with renewed optimism and strength.

Artist Profile
Stephen Rhodes was born in Birmingham, England and raised in Aldridge. He still lives and works in the same area. He is a qualified Yamaha Music School Teacher as well as a recording artist for New World Music. His piano style have made him one of the leading artists for relaxation music and his classic album "Music for Healing" regularly features in the charts in the USA.

He is a highly acclaimed composer and performer and his music albums have received stunning reviews from countries as diverse as UK, Holland, South Africa and Australia. Stephen has a true International following with his albums being played by Radio Stations around the world. He is regarded by many as the Master of true relaxation music.

Message from the artist

" I became a professional musician purely because something or somebody was pulling me towards that career. It was like a voice in my head telling me to have the determination to compose and record and then to teach other people. Teaching is still an important part of my life whereby I can help others to transform their feelings into pieces of music. It is like a therapy to me and something that I really enjoy - it is my small way of sharing my talent with others of all ages.

When I am composing I like to go on a journey in my own mind. I can visualise pictures and scenes, from a tranquil garden, to a seashore, to a picture of a beautiful woman. I then compose the music around that scene. Very often people hear the resulting album and comment that when they listen to the music they imagined the same scene that I had in my head when composing. It gives me a great thrill to think that I have succeeded in transferring the correct image into their minds.

My first album for New World is still one of my favourites - "Perfume" set the style that I have followed ever since. It was an album designed to give the listener a true sense of relaxation and contentment. I used visualisation to generate a musical score that would induce tranquillity and yet quiet confidence.

My latest album "Bliss" is the ultimate album to unwind to at the end of a busy day. New World calls it …music for bath time. It has proved to be very popular and I hope you will take the time to listen to the samples that are available on this Web Site. Thank you for reading my message and I hope you enjoy the music."

Stephen Rhodes

1) The Waters of Peace (10:41)
2) Call of the Universe (11:01)
3) Distant Cries (4:43)
4) CloudWalking (8:40)
5) Ascension (7:08)
6) Echoes Of Ages (10:48)

Total Running Time: 53:01

(c)1998 New World Music, Inc.

Label: New World Music