Underwater World -DVD

Underwater World -DVD
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Format: DVD
Artist/Author: Terry Oldfield

The height of relaxation - beautiful images that flow to the tranquil music of Terry Oldfield.

Relax and create the perfect environment with tranquil images of the underwater world inspired and accompanied by the beautiful music of Terry Oldfield.

Stunning images that capture the tranquility of the underwater kingdom with the beautiful and atmospheric music of leading composer of relaxation music and best-selling artist - Terry Oldfield.

Together, Terry's music and the breathtaking imagery of marine photographer Matt Haling take us on a truly magical journey of sound, vision and spirit.

Bonus Material - Stills from Ocean Galleries Music from Across the Universe and Ocean Galleries Promo..

Track List
1. De Profundis
2. Illumination
3. Down to Earth
4. Eyes of the Goddess
5. Spirit of the Rainbow Serpent
6. Wings of the Morning