UniKeep CD/DVD 6 Disc Storage Wallet Black w/3 pages

UniKeep CD/DVD 6 Disc Storage Wallet Black w/3 pages
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Format: CD/DVD Storage
Artist/Author: Univenture

One UniKeep CD6 Disc Storage Case (BLACK with 3 Black pages that holds 6 CDs/DVDs or 3 CDs/DVDs and 3 graphic pages) for office, home, car, school or mail.)

Includes 3 black safety-sleeve pages holding 6 discs, 2 per sleeve; or 3 discs and 3 graphic pages.

Clear plastic cover overlay allows you to design and print your own unique, versatile cover. Download pdf template below.

Dimensions: 6.44 x .63 x 5.5 inches(l x w x h)


UniKeep(tm) offers a flexible and efficient organization system along with patented protection that is safer for your CDs and DVDs. Store more discs in less space! Catalog your entire media collection of software, music or videos. UniKeep Media Disc storages is perfect for photos, projects, backups, libraries or reference.

Perfect for Data and software libraries, Video and music collections, Photo archives.

UniKeep lets you organize your discs your way. Stackable. Easy to customize. Create your own catalog of software, store your favorites for easy transportation - then change your mind and rearrange your collection any time you want. UniKeep keeps it all together.

Patented safety-sleeves offers premium protection. Within each polypropylene page, your disc is suspended above a soft, non-woven material which will not shed or form lint. Dirt and minute debris falls through the fabric and becomes trapped away from the disc.

Sleeve design features two pockets with straight cut to insert a disc on each side or a disc on one side and a graphic page on the other. Two hole design fits all UniKeep wallets as well as A4 binders.

Each page can be easily removed, allowing total flexibility in organization. And the lightweight UniKeep makes it easy to take or store your discs virtually anywhere.
  • Interchangeable protective pages
  • Design and print your own cover insert
  • Stackable for more discs in less space
  • Long term archivable and recyclable
Design and print your own cover insert
Download CD5 .pdf template