Deeper Imaginings - CD

By Paul Adams, Elizabeth Geyer

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Deeper Imaginings - CD
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by Peorian Paul Adams  
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This is the follow up from the 2015 IMAGININGS album.

New age contemplative instrumental music poetically presented with an influence of world music in the vein of Peter Gabriel, Paul Winter, Ravi Shankar and Brian Eno. 

We like to work toward a harmonious cross cultural blend of richness, passion and growth. We love the idea of collaboration with the finest musicians in the world such as David Hoffman (Trumpet soloist/arranger Ray Charles), the genius of India's premier bansuri flute player Pravin Godkhindi, Alp Akmaz from Turkey, Gary Green (Formerly with the UK band Gentle Giant) and others. Embracing serenity and wearing music like a warm comforting coat is how I would describe our approach. At a time when the earth seems to shrink and we come closer together, we need to embrace our differences in support during these challenging times.

1. Endless Horizon 4:55
2. The Unfolding 5:10
3. Acceptance 5:35
4. New Morning 5:25
5. Essence & Flow 4:50
6. Allowing 4:45
7. Still Meadows 3:35
8. Awakening 6:00
9. All That I Am 6:10
10. Evening 5:55
11. Hope for the Game 4:55

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