Ghosts of the Prairie: History & Hauntings of Central Illinois - Softcover

By Troy Taylor

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Ghosts of the Prairie: History & Hauntings of Central Illinois - Softcover
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There are secrets that hide among the fields, forests, and farms that are found on the windswept prairie of Central Illinois. They are secrets of murder, death, and ghosts. It is a place of industrial cities, small towns, isolated farms, crumbling asylums, forgotten graveyards - and scores of places where the dead do not rest in peace. The history of the region is filled with stories of strange deaths, haunted houses, spirit-infested schools, abandoned hospitals, eerie railroad stations, and more, and there is no one who has collected the tales of Central Illinois in the way that Troy Taylor has.

Since his first book about Central Illinois ghosts in 1994, he has never stopped searching for the haunted history of the area. In this new volume of stories from Haunted Illinois, he takes the readers back in time to uncover not only updates to favorite tales, but scores of new stories that have never appeared in any of his books before. Collecting stories from all over Central Illinois, he reveals the lingering spirits of historic sites, the Underground Railroad, the State Capitol, Insane Asylums, an abandoned Air Force Base, haunted libraries, a forgotten town, ghostly graveyards, eerie murder scenes, ballrooms and theaters, schools and colleges, houses where former occupants refuse to stay dead, and much more!

This is a book that will keep you up at night, turning the pages long after everyone else has gone to bed - find out if you're brave enough to read it alone

Troy Taylor is the author of 120 books about ghosts, crime, and the unexplained in America. He is also the founder of American Hauntings, ghost tours, books, events and excursions across America. He was born and raised in the Midwest and currently divides his time between Illinois and the far-flung reaches of America.

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