Happiness Calling: A Practical Guide for Saying Yes to Life’s Joy - Softcover

By Victoria Mitchell

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Happiness Calling: A Practical Guide for Saying Yes to Life’s Joy - Softcover
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Victoria Fellers Mitchell, RN, LCSW is a Bradley Alum '83

Do you struggle with worry, or often feel sad or anxious? Is it hard to sustain relationships? Are you a procrastinator, with a drawer full of unused exercise clothes, or a garage overflowing with unfinished projects? Are you unhappy with your work? Are there few close friends in your life? Finally, do you want a better relationship with yourself? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, here's help. With psychotherapist Victoria Mitchell's thirty-five years of mental health counseling, you can take control of your life, enhance your effectiveness, and free yourself from the chains that keep you stuck in your stuff. Don't expect to have to plod through research data or clinical studies, or be asked by buy inspirational DVDs. This is a book of gut, grit, and wisdom gained through real life experience in the author's years of psychotherapy practice. Don't look for labels or personality grids to define you, either. Nature and nurture work together to create who we are - and the responsibility we bear to develop the best life with what we're given. Happiness Calling helps you identify the roadblocks that hold you back. Rather than struggle with these obstacles, it's time to ask why they have such power. In doing so you honor their function, allowing yourself time to grieve, then move on. The arts of self-care and the practice of mindfulness will open the doors to change. As she has for hundreds of clients throughout her career, Mitchell helps you assemble the toolbox you need to manage your challenges, maintain peace in stressful times, and adapt to change. This is a book of learning and personal self-discovery nestled in a therapist's reflections on a career she loved. It will furnish wisdom and guidance for your own unique and fulfilling journey!

About the Author
Victoria L. Mitchell, RN, LCSW is a retired psychotherapist. Over eight years as a psychiatric nurse and thirty-plus years as a therapist, she's helped hundreds of patients deal with serious issues of depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. In this book, she shares what she's learned in her years with clients, and in her own journey of personal self-discovery from fear to freedom.

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