Homeschoolers, Hippies, & Heirloom Tomatoes - Softcover

By Philip Ward Newton

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Homeschoolers, Hippies, & Heirloom Tomatoes - Softcover
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Philip Ward Newton is a Peoria, IL Author

Have you ever seen a floating farm? It sounds impossible, but to the Masat family it's a way of life. And while most kids attend traditional schools, the Masat children get to have school in a coffee shop some days! Meet the Masats: a family of tugboat-dwelling, organic veggie-growing, barge-farming, homeschooling vagabonds who spend their days traversing tributaries of the Mississippi River, escaping truant officers, and dodging flying Asian Carp. Join twelve-and-a-half-year-old Grace Masat on her family's river tug, follow her on some wacky adventures, and learn with her as she prepares for her upcoming spelling bee.

From Philips web site:

Homeschoolers, Hippies & Heirloom Tomatoes is the story of the tugboat-living, heirloom tomato-growing, barge-farming, homeschooling vagabonds that are the Masat family. They spend their time traversing tributaries of the Mississippi River, dodging truant officers and flying Asian Carp, forging bonds with the septogenarian ROMEO Club, converting Deadheads at farmer's markets and encountering the sasquatch of the Midwest the Catawumpus. HH&HT is written from the perspective of Grace, a 12-year-old tie-dyed, hackeysacking missionary who spends her free moments preparing for the Scripps Spelling Bee, which serves as the culmination of the story.

It is a Christian Young Adult Fiction novel but moms will enjoy reading it just as much as their tweens and teens.

About the Author

Philip Ward Newton cannot grow a decent tomato to save his life. He does, however, have a debit card, which helps him acquire all the tomatoes he and his wife Jill and children Grace, Sophia, Elizabeth, Elijah, and Esther could ever want. He also has a few friends and coworkers at the charity he runs in Peoria who might give him a tomato from their gardens every so often. His first book Homeschoolers, HIppies and Heirloom Tomatoes was released in January 2012. He does not have an adjustable rate mortgage and does not really have it in for the people of Lacon, IL. It just seems that way.

Paperback: 172 pages
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