Calmness of Spirit - CD

By David Hoffman

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Calmness of Spirit - CD
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by Peorian Dave Hoffman

"An exotic Forray into an ethereal and romantic word!" -Independent Music Review

"Hoffman offers up a wonderful and gentle voyage for those wishing to rest in a calm pool of peace." -Message Therapy Review

David Hoffman's new CD was conceived as a way to combine music for healing, relaxation and therapy with something that could be listened to on it's own merits. David was helped out by the crickets, frogs, coyotes and birds of the neighborhood, along with one little bug that flew dangerously close to the microphone, and the infectious giggle of a darling young lady. The foxes and raccoons didn't help much. They were busy eating all the cat food. The other human on the recording is Paul Adams, who adds the magical sound of the Native American flute and the exotic Halusi. We hope this music causes you to close your eyes and dream, and maybe drift to a place of peace.

1. The Singing Frogs of Guadeloupe
2. Julie's Dream
3. Beauty Drifting
4. Pastures A Plenty
5. Close Your Eyes and Dream
6. Evening Meditation
7. The Ambience of Motion
8. The Purity of Rain
9. Everything Will Be OK