Punks In Peoria - Vinyl LP

By Various Artists

Only One Left!

Punks In Peoria - Vinyl LP
Product Details
Limited-edition 160-gram Orange vinyl LP

Full-color printed inner-sleeve featuring rare band photos and detailed liner notes

18" x 25" Poster featuring an extensive collection of Peoria show flyers from 1980s to the 2000s.

A 14-song document of the DIY punk/alternative scene in Peoria, Illinois, from its hardcore roots in the early 1980s through the late '90s. The album highlights out-of-print punk rock anthems, unreleased demos and rare studio tracks.

A lovingly curated collection of long-lost gems and hometown favorites from Anytown U.S.A. It connects the varied work of disaffected youth across nearly two decades and multiple generations of Peoria punks, performers and scenesters.

This compilation is the companion soundtrack to the book Punks In Peoria: Making A Scene In The American Heartland by Jonathan Wright and Dawson Barrett published by University of Illinois Press.


Side A

1. Electric Cool-Aid - Living in Peoria
2. Chips Patroll - Sick of the 60's
3. Constant Vomit - McMassmurder
4. Bloody Mess ; Hate - Spit on My Face
5. Caustic Defiance - One Million Stares
6. Daed Kcis - Ghost Story Lane
7. All Desires - Alone Atop a Cliff By the Sea
8. Dollface - Deep
9. Bloody Mess ; the Skabs - Empty

Side B

1. Nora Hate - Psychic Man
2. Fast Food Revolution - Treat Her Right
3. The Neptunes - Alpha Wave Surfing
4. Dismiss - I Want My Letters Back
5. Subsist - Glass Eye