Sleep: The Dreaming Flute

By Paul Adams

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Sleep: The Dreaming Flute
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by Peorian Paul Adams 

"Paul Adams once again proves he deserves to be listed among the finest wood flute players recording today. Sleep - The Dreaming Flute is a sumptuously relaxing album. I believe it holds equal worth as accompaniment to meditation and doubtless it will certainly ease a troubled mind which needs emptying of stress and anxiety." -Bill Binkleman, New Age Retailer

"Sleep is a wonderful effort. Paul allows us to float on the edge of a dream and for a few moments in time, be at one with ourselves and the music before fading off into our slumbers." -Michael Foster, Ambient Vision

"Listeners looking for music to summon the muses of the world of sleep and take them to the soporific shores of the subconscious will find that Paul Adams' woodwinds are the flutes that dreams are made of." -Raj Monohan, Independent Music Reviews

Sleep, our temporal dance with the infinite. It is surrendered daily to a world that can be overwhelming. Find your sleep, and may deep rest give you the strength to allow its wisdom to be your guide.

Track Listing
1. Nightbird
2. The Hollow Wood
3. Solace
4. Deep Valley, The
5. Midnight
6. Rain and Wood
7. Natures Embrace
8. Soft Wind
9. Within the Deep Night
10. Sleeping Song
11. The Nights Goodbye