Terry and the Wild Well Blowout - Softcover

By Mike Rucker

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Terry and the Wild Well Blowout - Softcover
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Drilling for oil is always hard work. Sometimes it can be dangerous, too.

When an oil well "blows out" specially trained workers must put out the fire and stop the flow of oil. These "wild well" experts often use tractors to help with this dangerous work.

Terry's friends Buster and Charlie think they are brave, but when asked to help fight a wild well, both are too scared.

Since the two larger tractors will not help, Terry must carry a container of dynamite to the burning well to blow out the fire. If things go wrong, Terry will be blown to bits. Is Terry brave enough to do this dangerous job?

This popular book series is a collection of entertaining and educational stories about a small but highly motivated young tractor named Terry. Terry and his friends encounter real life jobs and problems and solve them through hard work and newly learned job skills. Boys and girls from ages three through ten have come to love Terry and his grit and determination. Terry has his faults and sometimes gets angry or does things wrong, but he learns from his mistakes just as real children do. The jobs Terry performs and the situations he faces are based on the real life experiences of the author, Mike Rucker. Mike has been a Service Representative and troubleshooter for Caterpillar Inc. for more than 39 years. Read with the children in your life!