The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzy Ears: Searching for a Furry Friend - Hardcover

By Donna Carr Roberts

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The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzy Ears: Searching for a Furry Friend - Hardcover
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One dog's search for a friend gets him into troubled places. He looks for Mr. Mouse and gets stuck in the cupboard. He is turned away from Mrs. Chipmunk and is then hit on the head with an acorn from Mr. Squirrel. His Mom and Dad take him to the Humane Society where he interviews a variety of furry critters, learning why they are there. This discussion gives soft lessons to children about caring for animals. He not only finds two new friends at the Humane Society, he finds another on the road home, providing a very happy ending!

Filled with humor and Life Lessons with 27 Original hand-painted images by the author in an old-fashioned style.

World premier Symphony for this book to be performed in January 2019 and will be marketed to Symphonies around the country. Endorsed by The Superintendent of Public Schools in Peoria, Illinois.

"The Adventures of Mr. Fuzzy Ears is a beautiful story of love, compassion and making a difference. What a brilliant idea by the author to instll this important life lesson at an early age!" --Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, Superintendent of Peoria Public Schools, Illinois

About the Author

A new author, Donna is influenced by other children's books, particularly the old-fashioned ones read to her as a child. In this day of computer-generated images, her artwork and stories bring the nostalgia of times gone by. She plans to make this a series of funny, enchanting stories with more original artwork.

  • Hardcover: 36 pages
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.2 x 8 inches