The David Hoffman Sextet Live - CD

By David Hoffman

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The David Hoffman Sextet Live - CD
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by Peorian Dave Hoffman

"Live" is a masterful recording done by David Hoffman that is flawless in execution. The range of the beautiful ballad to straight ahead and in your face Bebop is astounding. You'll not find a better "LIVE" performance anywhere. 5 STARS Jazz Alive --Jazz Alive

This David Hoffman LIVE album is absolutely astounding. Mostly lall originals recorded in the highest traditions of the old "Blue Note" music label. Ray Charles trumpet soloist Hoffman shows how excellence can manifest in a live context. Audiophyles will also be blown away by the quality of recording (Done by Hoffman himself by the way - the guy has an ear).

1. Hello Blackberry
2. Five Love Bison
3. Last Train to Tottori
4. Night and Dave
5. Two-Lane to Toulon
6. I'm Drifting Apart
7. Body and Soul
8. Blues from the Hartland