The Tree and Other Stories - CD

By Dave Hoffman

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The Tree and Other Stories - CD
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by Peorian Dave Hoffman

David Hoffman's newest album has that unique ability to offer movement that fulfills the artistic thirst, yet it somehow offers a gentle serenity that is perfect for a gentle massage, Yoga, or relaxation. The music is as open and organic as the stillness reflected in the wonderful cover. Float away and cruise through the branches and allow yourself to be enriched and embraced and steadied by deep seeded roots.

1. It All Flows By
2. The Tree
3. Gentle Steps
4. Peace Amid Chaos
5. Sky Above / Ground Below
6. The Forest Listens To The Sounds
7. Spiritual Shelter
8. The Moon Illuminates The Sky
9. Lullaby
10. The Rain Gently Falls

"Former Ray Charles Arranger David Hoffman has pieced together a musical pastiche that masterfully blends jazz, folk, new age, and ambiance, resulting in a hypnotically mesmerizing listening experience." --Raj Manoharan