What's That Bus Doing On the Runway? - Softcover

By David Hoffman

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What's That Bus Doing On the Runway? - Softcover
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The Antics and Absurdities of a Life on the Road 

In his 13 years traveling and playing trumpet with the great Ray Charles, David Hoffman experienced many things, from the hilarious to the poignant, from heartwarming remembrances of his friends and musical colleagues, to the sublimely ridiculous difficulties of road life. Armed with a trumpet, a flugelhorn and a couple changes of clothes, Dave traveled the world with the notion that somewhere in these varied experiences there was a book to be written, not about Ray Charles particularly, but about the unusual life he led with the "cats in the band." Dave takes you around the Globe to regale you with tales of a world not seen by many, that of a traveling minstrel. "I never knew where I was going," says Dave, adding "and it really didn't matter." Whether in Paris or Pittsburgh, there was always a story to be told.

David Hoffman spent 13 years traveling as a musician with Ray Charles, where he experienced the events that are portrayed in his book "What's That Bus Doing On the Runway?" He now teaches young people how to blow trumpets.

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