Square Pegs Can't Fit in Round Holes (Or can they?) - Softcover

By Janet Reckard, LCSW

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Square Pegs Can't Fit in Round Holes (Or can they?) - Softcover
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Janet Reckard, LCSW, (Bloomington IL) is a retired school social worker who currently runs her own private clinical practice, offers her most recent book, "Square Pegs Can't Fit in Round Holes (Or can they?)" a charming tale that follows a young boy who seems to have issues fitting in in the world around him and a kind teacher who helps him follow a path to success in life.

"Otto is a square peg in a world of round pegs," writes Reckard. "He often doesn't fit into the world of rounds on the bus, in school, and in public. While he enjoys his squareness, he dreams of fitting in with his peers.

"A special teacher who is much like him, helps him understand how to round out his edges just enough to fit in when he wants to, without losing his individuality. He learns skills such as making eye contact and practicing some of the subtleties of conversation that help him find success in navigating the world of rounds, while still appreciating his unique squareness.

"Children on the spectrum will relate to Otto's dilemma and appreciate his journey of self-discovery and growth."

Janet Reckard, LCSW's book is a delightful story partly inspired by her work for many years as part of a multidisciplinary team that diagnosed and worked with children on the spectrum. By drawing on her experiences, Reckard writes a powerful tool to help young readers better understand what being on the spectrum is like and provide a tool on how those on the spectrum can better fit in while still remaining true to themselves.