The Princess Pony - Softcover

By Cathy Hanchett-Howell

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The Princess Pony - Softcover
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"The Princess Pony," from Farmington, IL author Cathy Hanchett-Howell, is an enthralling tale of a princess who longs for a pony for her birthday, and the adventurous knight who is sent off in search of one. With the entire kingdom helping however they can, Sir Rupert travels far and wide in order to please his king and queen's demand to find the perfect pony for their daughter.

Cathy Hanchett-Howell, an active horsewoman and the owner of White Dove Ranch Quarter Horses and Paints in Farmington, Illinois, has offers her new book, "The Princess Pony": a delightful tale that follows a brave knight on his quest to find a birthday gift for the kingdom's princess.

"'The Princess Pony' is a lighthearted story of a father, a king, who sends his knight on a quest to find the perfect gift for the princess," writes Hanchett-Howell. "The story is about the knight's journey and the kingdom's subjects who help the knight find just the right gift for the princess."

Cathy Hanchett-Howell's charming tale takes readers on an exciting journey as the entire kingdom comes together to try and secure what their beloved princess longs for most in the world. Full of vivid artwork created by the author herself that helps bring her tale to life, readers of all ages will find themselves captivating and eager to revisit "The Princess Pony" over and over again.