KAT - A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe Online - Softcover

KAT - A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe Online - Softcover

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    Format: Softcover
    Artist/Author: Kids Against Trafficking

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    KAT - A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe Online - Softcover
    Are your children and teens constantly racing down the digital information highway where online predators are on every corner of every exit? Then this graphic novel BY KIDS FOR KIDS is for your child and you to bring greater awareness and guidance.

    The KAT Team (Kids Against Trafficking) brings to your home, KAT: A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe Online, written and beautifully illustrated from the perspective of children and teens to help identify potential dangers in the online world and EMPOWER THEM to stay safe and to help their friends. Their parents are right behind them learning and upgrading knowledge - all onboard!

    Our children are talking, we need to pay attention.

    Excerpt from Chapter 8: Dangers in the Shadows: Online Chats

    "I got a hot 16-year-old boyfriend. I met him online. His name is Toby and he is soooo cute!" exclaims Becca (age 12).

    "Really? that is cool," replies Simone (age 13).

    "Yes, he is! We have been texting online, and he is so fun! I love him! I can't wait to meet him in person this Saturday! He is so sweet that he invited me to a movie. He even told me that I can bring my girlfriends with me!" continues Becca.

    KAT: A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe Online is geared to ages 8+ and dives into the talks and texts among unsuspecting children who find themselves in the abyss of emotional and physical dangers of sex trafficking.

    A perfect parent-child reader to broach difficult topics surrounding online safety, pornography, grooming and sex trafficking with a parent page at the end of each chapter to help you reflect and engage with your child. Following direct expert advice from a child therapist and a chief investigator in law enforcement, this graphic novel empowers children, parents, caretakers and educators to communicate, educate and protect loved ones against predators. If you are unsure on how to monitor and talk to your children about their internet use, then this book will be a great talking tool and addition to your child's library.

    Summary of KAT: A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe Online

    Seven friends, ages 11-13, embark on a journey to awareness of how vulnerable they are to online predators and sex trafficking. The book is about their interactions with one another, their stories and how their awareness grew. By the end of the book, they've shared difficult experiences with each other, their parents, their school counselor and school law officer and are, in turn, better equipped to protect themselves. They feel empowered to show other kids ways to stay safe.

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