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The Online Book Fair is a special service to help schools, clubs, nonprofit organizations, churches and homeschools earn funds.

Everybody has a need to purchase gifts for children. The Online Book Fair makes this time-consuming task easy and efficient. Parents, grandparents, friends and relatives will find gifts for their young loved-ones in minutes. offers a growing and ever-changing wide selection of books, movies, educational videos, music, toys and games for children up through the teen years.

This Online Book Fair is a special long-term fund-raising event. Start earning funds today and continue to earn in the days and years to come. There is no cost other than the time you take to tell everyone about this opportunity.

When you sign up by submitting this form, we design a special web page for your school, classroom, club, homeschool, church or any other non-profit organization. All you have to do is promote your special web address. We do the rest. When anyone makes a purchase through the store from a link on your special webpage, you earn a commission.

On a regular basis, we offer you tips and techniques how to best encourage folks to support you in this venture. We offer you special promotional events that you can use to promote your Book Fair fund-raiser. Remember, this is an ongoing, long-lasting opportunity that can earn you substantial funds over time. The more you put in, the more you get out. We make it easy to do.

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COMMISSION: It is the purpose of our Book Fairs to help nonprofits earn new funds. We offer the greatest share of our product profits to nonprofit organizations. The commission is calculated from the order subtotal before shipping and taxes.

Non-Profits Commission: 20%
For-Profit Companies Commission: 10%

PAYOUT THRESHOLD: Commission is paid when the total earned is equal to or greater than $50.00. Paid to your Paypal account or otherwise arranged.