Once Upon a Child - Hardcover

Once Upon a Child - Hardcover

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    Format: Hardcover
    Artist/Author: Dorothy Daniels

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    Once Upon a Child - Hardcover
    This heartfelt story follows a lonely child's journey to find the love and companionship that isn't always so easy to recognize, even when it's right in front of them. Sometimes it takes floating to the stars and sailing through the clouds to truly ground oneself.

    Once Upon a Child follows a child, a mouse, and favorite stuffed bunny on a journey through the stars. A book filled with whimsical illustrations of the night sky and endearing characters- it is the perfect bedtime story for children who need an extra reminder that they are valued and loved.


    Ms. Dorothy 'Darcy' Daniels, author of "Once Upon a Child," has been happily married for over three decades and is the proud mother of six birth children, five adopted children and an honored caregiver/foster parent of over 100 foster children.As a professional Pediatric Nurse, she learned early on that focusing on prevention was one of the best cures. This awareness provided the passion for creating one of the first Mommy & Me programs in the nation, where she taught hundreds of parents the importance of nurturing, attachment & play. This ultimately led to the development of one of the first Pregnant Minor Programs in Los Angeles County, where pregnant and parenting teens learned the importance of bonding, attachment and how to care for their infants all while completing their high school diplomas.Dorothy continues to live a life filled with purpose as the founder and Executive Director of Fostering UNITY. Fostering UNITY is a nonprofit, service organization that is dedicated to healing the thousands of children who have experienced trauma. 

    Hardcover : 56 pages
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