A Memorial Tribute - CD

A Memorial Tribute - CD
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Artist/Author: Early B

Early B, Real name Earlando Arrington Neil. He got his name through gaining a reputation for arriving early in the dance, so Earlando became Early Bird and eventually just Early B. Originally trying his hand at a career as singer he decided to change his focus in 1978 when he started deejaying and soon met Cat-A-Rock, taking him as his protege. Early B and Cat-A-Rock started deejaying for Soul Imperial Hifi and Crystal Blue Sound Systems in the early 80's. Not long after that they both left for King Majesty, with which they played over the St. Thomas-district. At this time he was also deejaying a bit for Stuart Browns sound system African Star, that was based in Toronto, Canada. The frustration over not getting enough of sessions with King Majesty when the sound owner was working with the sugar cane fields made Early B (and Cat-A-Rock) move to Killamanjaro Sound System. It was after the murder of Jim Kelly (brother of Junior Kelly) that the sound searched for anyone who could replace the deejay and they contacted Super Cat who joined the sound. Soon after that with the help of Super Cat, Early B also joined Killamanjaro.

In 1986 Early B was voted deejay of the year in Jamaica. He later moved to America.

Early B was shot on the 11th of December, 1994, at Windsor Cricket Club, Dorchester, Massachusetts. The sound who was playing was Jah Love with Briggy as deejay. Early B was hit by a stray bullet and was killed. September 26th, 2008 Richard Neil - son of Early B and Lorna Neil - was shot and murdered in what was believe to be a mugging gone wrong.

1) Wheely Wheelie
2) Owner Man
3) Medical Kit
4) Stop The Robbery
5) Bycycle Bycycle
6) Righteous Rashman PT. 1
7) Want To Be Free
8) History of Jamaica
9) Shirley
10) Righteous Rastaman PT. 2
11) Peal Pusher
12) C. Bert

Artist Profile
Early B considered to be the music doctor was one of the most innovative DJ engineers of his time. His songs shocked Jamaican air waves in the early years of reggae music. Even though he has passed away, Producer Delton Screechie released this album as a tribute to him because he does not want him to be forgotten.

Features the 1985 Smash Hit "Wheely Wheelie" and also including his very first recording song "C. Bert"

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