The Mystery at Black Partridge Wood - Softcover

The Mystery at Black Partridge Wood - Softcover
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ISBN #: 9781937484446
Format: Softcover Book
Artist/Author: Pat Camalliere

The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods (Cora Tozzi Historical Mystery Series) (Volume 2)

A legendary water beast, mysterious wolves, and an unsolved murder echo through two centuries.

Wawetseka, a Potawatomi woman, is shocked when a body washes up near her village, but events soon turn worse: her only son is arrested for murder. To free him she must track down the real killer. Her investigation takes her through the wilderness of 1817 northern Illinois and to Fort Dearborn as she races desperately, fighting the harsh terrain and the realities of vigilante justice. 

Two centuries later, Wawetseka's descendent, Nick Pokagon, a charismatic young scientist, partners with Cora Tozzi, Cisco, and Frannie to publish Wawetseka's adventures. But then Cora and her friends are attacked. What does Wawetseka's story have to do with the present? How can the mysterious assailant be stopped? 

The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods tells two related stories with unexpected parallels. It is both a fast-paced adventure and a mystery that paints a picture of the little-known earliest days of what is now Lemont, Illinois. Readers who enjoy amateur sleuths and adventure will find it hard to put down.

About the Author

Award-Winning Finalist, Most Original Concept, 2017 Red City Review Book Awards 

Pat Camalliere is the author of The Mystery at Sag Bridge, a popular, five-star-rated historical mystery novel. Her latest book, The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods, continues the Cora Tozzi Historical Mystery Series. She lives with her husband in Lemont, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She serves on the boards of the Lemont Historical Society and Lemont Public Library District and is a member of Sisters in Crime. She speaks locally on a variety of topics and writes a blog that features unique history stories. Visit her website at

Readers Favorite: With clear, straightforward writing and superb storytelling that utilizes tremendous depth of the characters as well as historical fact and geographical detail, Pat Camalliere offers two excellent stories wrapped into one in The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods. Although Volume 2 of the Cora Tozzi Historical Mystery Series, this book stands alone perfectly—but makes you want to rush back to the book store for Volume 1 just because it is so good! The history is riveting, the references to Native American culture and superstition add authenticity and interest, and Camalliere’s insights into human nature and psychology really round out both parts of the story. This is, without a doubt, a must-read for any mystery reader, historical or contemporary. This is truly a wonderful story, well told and definitely worth the time to read and enjoy!

Windy City Reviews: Camalliere does an excellent job of describing the Des Plaines River Valley of 1817, which would have been one of the main highways to Fort Dearborn where Chicago is today. The plucky heroine, Wawetseka, reminds me of television's MacGyver as she comes up with rustic inventions to cross a river or set a broken leg. But there's a strong element of supernatural as well to help Wawetseka and add a little magic to the story.

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