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Born on October 8, 1964, Rob Papen started playing synthesizer when he was 15 years old, starting with a Korg MS-20 synth and a SQ-10 sequencer. Rob went on to study electronic organ. Not long after, inspired by groups like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, and artists like Jean-Michael Jarre, George Morroder, Vangelis and Klaus Schulze, Rob was composing his own music.

As one of the founding members of the Dutch electronic synth groups PERU and NOVA, Papen has experienced much celebrated success for his musical compositions. NOVA's recording of 'Aurora' reached Number One on the charts in The Netherlands and PERU's 'Africa' climbed to Number One in Austria. NOVA released 3 albums. PERU released a total of 8 albums.

Papen is well known throughout the world today as a sound designer. Two of Papen’s designs, 'Albino' and 'Blue' are used by many top musicians and sound producers. Blue has been featured in Keyboard Magazine, receiving excellent reviews.

Besides being a Christian Music Artist, Papen’s musical tastes are expansive. In fact, he “simply loves good music.” From Bach to Lenny Kravitz, HipHop to R&B, and artists ranging from Depeche Mode to James Brown, his tastes are all reflected in his sound products.

Daydreamer is Rob Papen's debut solo release. Studio recorded, Papen used his own custom virtual synthesizer 'Albino 2' in the making of Daydreamer.

Bob Papen

Bob Papen
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