Wonder Dancing on Global Bop

Wonder Dancing on Global Bop
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Format: CD
Artist/Author: Paul Adams

by Paul Adams

Wonder Dancing On Global Bop could be described as a passionate and energetic travelogue of musical styles and influences from various cultures. Hearing Latin and African polyrhythms with American Indian chants and harmonica, Spanish and Gypsy improvisations, string banjo with jazz trumpet, or Gamalon gongs in a romantic setting with electric guitars makes complete sense with this design. This is truly 'one world' and the integration of vast cultural expressions is the result of this 'Global Village' we call earth. Listen, Enjoy.

"Travels the world and invents some new ones! A musical trip worth taking!!" -Ben Kettlewell, Imaginary Voyage Radio

"A heady blend of World Fusion! Willfully Eclectic... scintillating fretwork and a hard album to stop listening to !" -John Deliberto ECHOS and Tower Records Pulse Magazine

"One of the most interesting and unusual fusions of the world I've ever heard!! - Body Mind and Spirit Magazine

"Wonder Dancing on Global Bop transcends stylistic labels! Serene and inventive!"- The Independent Music Network

1) Mollys Happy Lament
2) A Night on the Moors
3) Pimiteoui Water Chant In Nine
4) The Great Prairie Back Step
5) Gamalon Nights
6) Zorro and the Fat Man
7) Mr. Kits Casbah
8) Kalahari
9) Les Joueurs
10) Amazing Grace

Artist Profile
Paul Adams spent his formative years building musical instruments for such luminaries as Daryl Hall, members of Stevie Wonder, The Pointer Sisters and others.

From Mountain Dulcimers, guitars, and Swedish Humels to composing music that Electronic Musicians magazine calls "surprisingly varied, very sophisticated and gorgeous!" Adams continues to prove that there are no boundaries in the creative realm! The San Jose, California Metro called Adams "...one of the most important New Age personalities since George Winston". Musical Starstreams, the largest syndicated instrumental radio show in America, called his first album, Various Waves, "The sleeper album of the year!" Tower Records Pulse magazine called Wonder Dancing On Global Bop "... a heady blend of world fusion, willfully eclectic...held together with scintillating fretwork!" A View From The Plain is a most unique acoustic guitar album that reached Top Ten status in Canada. Adams' following albums, In The Land Where I Come From and The Property Of Water, have continued to chart a unique musical course that is catching and risk taking. His music covers many genres and styles. Expect a beautiful surprise, and a wonderful journey!!

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