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Format: CD
Artist/Author: The Neurons

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by The Neurons

A fusion of jazz, world rhythms, and groove!

A rhythmic and poetic amalgahm of Hip movement, Jazz, and Groove, done w/ live dance from The Illinois Ballet.

"Where the hell did these guys come from? They dance and groove like no other..."

"I receive all manner of CD’s for review but one item that recently dropped into my mailbox has completely blown my mind. It’s the CD titled Dance by ex Ray Charles tour band trumpeter / flugelhorn player David Hoffman and Paul Adams." -Smooth Vibes Mag. ENGLAND

"From time to time I find music which is unusual, unique and original. Not a copy of anything, a pathfinder and pioneer. Music that realizes new ideas, instruments or styles.. That's THE NEURONS." -Smooth & Soul Magazine GERMANY

1. Wild Men of Borneo
2. Luminosity
3. Spanish Horizon
4. Sarah Caravan
5. Dance (Fire and Friends)
6. Shuffle and Suspense
7. Miles Redcloud
8. Diamonds and Pearls
9. Funky Tao Duty
10. A Pixelated Irish Groove
11. Island Girl