Malachy's Gloriam - Softcover

Malachy's Gloriam - Softcover
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ISBN #: 9781937484422
Format: Softcover Book
Artist/Author: C.M. Martello

Malachy's Gloriam - Softcover

Another problem -- personal is always more dangerous than business. For everybody. Fr. Bari was either innocent of the accusation or not. That issue was already decided. If not, the high horse of holiness had thrown another rider.…

Malachy Madden, disbarred criminal defense lawyer and manager of the Shamrock bar, is well known throughout Chicago for successfully undertaking unusual projects. When John Bari, a handsome, charismatic, and immensely popular Italian-American priest, is accused of years of sexual abuse of a young boy, he is suspended from his role as pastor-rector of the Saint Shrine located in the heart of an old Italian neighborhood. 

A committee of parishioners dedicated to finding justice for the well-liked priest hires Malachy to prove Fr. Bari innocent in a manner that will allow for his full reinstatement at the Shrine. Is the abuse victim telling the truth? Is Fr. Bari innocent? Can the criminal abuser be identified and stopped? How is Chicago's Cardinal O'Grady involved? 

Malachy's Gloriam is the story of Malachy's quest to answer these questions. With the assistance of his two long-time colleagues - Kevin, fellow Vietnam vet, and Count Leon, retired professional thief and former client - Malachy uncovers the truth about what happened years ago in the church basement. 

Irish American News: Martello treats the harrowing subject of clerical child abuse head-on, but seasons the story with the salt of Irish humor, some of it the kind that burns the wound before the laugh lifts the darkness. Martello navigates the seamy corners of Chicago and humankind with an informed confidence.

Manhattan Book Review: Malachy is a bar-owning, Irish ex-lawyer who grew up in a close-knit Catholic neighborhood. He has a been known to untangle Gordian knots, so when approached by a person unknown to clear a priest of alleged abuse allocations and reinstate said priest if innocent, he agrees. He has two friends who partner with him and a large black book of favors from individuals he has helped. This is the delight of the book: the interplay of solid detective work, quid pro quo favors, and a bit of con when needed, always within the law, usually, as the plot unfolds. The author does not confuse the reader with unneeded plot twists, and Western Civilization will not fail if Malachy does; rather, the author uses a more realistic canvas of life, and one gets caught up in the unfolding story. Good, religious people are honored and helped; evil are people condemned, especially those who use religion for evil. Loyalty, friendship, and charity are extolled. It is a glimpse into the benefits of living in a close community. Malachy loves his city; there are some flashbacks that explain why people are willing to help him. The action moves fast, there are great side characters, and justice triumphs in the end. I recommend the book as a very enjoyable detective book.

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