CD & DVD Clean-It Kit

CD & DVD Clean-It Kit
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The new CD & DVD Clean-It Kit offers an inexpensive spray cleaner to simply clean discs that don't need repair.

Discs players and drives have error-correction circuitry that compensates for minor impurities, but the process has limitations.

When discs get dirty, bad things happen. CDs skip. DVDs freeze. GameDiscs crash. It doesn't matter if you buy them or burn them; your discs need to be clean to remain distortion free. CD Clean-It is powerful enough to remove stubborn, sticky filth, yet safe enough to remove contaminants without harming the disc surface.

Plus, CD Clean-It's spray has Anti-Static properties that neutralize any static charge on the disc surface, reducing its tendency to attract dust. The included CD Softies Washable Cloths can be washed and used again and again!

When your discs are skipping because the surface is scratched, you need the CD Fix-It Kit to repair the scratches and stop the skipping!

Kit Includes: One 2 oz. Bottle CD Clean-It, 2 CD Softies Washable Wipes