The Gap - CD

The Gap - CD
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Format: CD
Artist/Author: Clepsydra

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More Grains of Sand 
by Clepsydra


Finally, with a lineup 80% identical to that of their last and best studio recording some 18 years ago, they have emerged anew with "The Gap"

1. When the bells started ringing (11:04)
2. You (10:20)
3. The story teller (9:16)
4. The spell (6:40)
5. Millenium (14:57)
6. Lousy soul (2:55)
7. Mind the gap (7:34)

Total Time 62:46
Packaged in a standard jewel case with clear tray and 20-page poster-style booklet.

Aluisio Maggini - vocals
Luigi Biamino - guitars
Phil Hubert - keyboards
Nicola De Vita - bass
Pietro Duca - drums

Clepsydra is a Swiss neo-progressive band that was formed in 1990.

Country: Switzerland
Genre(s): Neo-Prog
Format: CD
Release date: September 2019