Red Shift

Red Shift
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Format: CD
Artist/Author: John Colella

This is John Colella's latest work and it's red hot. Red Shift spans main stream jazz to progressive jazz to metal with a theme. It describes the astronomical phenomenon the red shift. If you're an astronomy or fiction fan, you'll love this album.

John's influences are Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Tribal Tech, and Jaco Pastorius.

"Considering the complexity of this chops-oriented project, with several layers of intense playing all swirling around at once, Colella should be commended on technical accomplishment alone. ...Colella prefers a fantastic brand of prog music, given to rapid chord changes, odd metering, and flashy soloing that was once measured for its breakneck execution. Thankfully, Colella uses the opportunity here to ease up on the pace, offering some tasteful twists and updated digital technology to the genre. Which is the main feature of "Red Shift," having the keyboardist skillfully emulate the rhythm, reed and strings efforts with ease, combining Keith Jarrett's soft touch with Chick Corea's explosive energy. A powerful debut effort." -author unknown, a local paper

1) Old Gamma Blue
2) Freedom Waltz
3) Cold Fusion 1
4) Red Shift
5) The Techno Song
6) Donna Lee
7) Cold Fusion
8) Re-Entre

Artist Profile
John Colella lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida where he started playing guitar at age 13. He began rock guitar in local bands and later became more interested in instrument and music theory as his style turned to jazz fusion. He attended college for 3 years in music theory. He met with the misfortune of a brain tumor and can no longer play the guitar but continues by utilizing new electronic technology. His music is now a hybrid between techno and live commissioned players.

2000 John Colella

Label: JoDo Records

Vocals: Lisa Hutchin "Old Gamma Blue" and Todd Plant (Red Shift)