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SKU: MOORE101 Convictions From My Extraction - CD

Convictions From My Extraction - CD
Purchase Convictions From My Extraction - CD
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    Format: CD
    Ken Moore
    Convictions From My Extraction - CD

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The works represented here are remastered versions of early experiments with sound, previously only available on tape. Mostly devoid of rhythm and melody, yet utilizing a variety of instruments played in real time, Ken has chosen the term: organic abstract music. While this collection can be classified as ambient noir, there is a definite nod to the avant garde. Targeting a specialized audience, Convictions From My Extraction is the most comprehensive release from Anvil Creations spanning a period of at least ten years, dating back to 1972. Fans of the artist will appreciate the quality of the reproductions on this compact disc.

"This is cutting edge stuff. What I enjoyed most about this recording is how unpretentious it is. This isn't some art house noodling. It's seriously cool experimentation and sound manipulation! It's experimental, varied, and challenging to listen to but in a really easy way. It's fun! But fun in a mysterious way, not fun in a light-hearted way. If you like exploring the places where sound and music meet (with little or no overt dissonance) or if you're looking for something truly unique and creative, Convictions From My Extraction should please you. -Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire magazine

1) Glass Shapes That Shatter In The Wind
2) Viscous
3) A Hole In Space
4) Radius Of Capture
5) Tempus Fugit
6) For The Root Is The Dream
7) La Fontaine
8) To Come Into Being
9) Oche De Leah
10) Synergistic Relationship

Artist Profile
Born in Baltimore, in 1954, Ken Morre began his love for music and sound at the age of 7, taking piano lessons at the private school he was attending. By the time he was fifteen, Ken had sold his baby grand to buy a portable electric organ. At 20, he purchased a set of drums and with a minimoog, and he began to record his own brand of music. Along with keyboards and percussion, Ken has experience playing hand bells and has recently taken up bass guitar.

1999 Anvil Creations

Label: Anvil Creations

All music realized by Ken Moore. Recorded at Anvil Creations studio, Baltimore, Maryland. Transfer to digital audio by Ken Moore, Oct. 1998.