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SKU: 755491244616 Sanctuary - CD

Sanctuary - CD
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    Format: CD
    Paul Adams, Elizabeth Geyer
    Sanctuary - CD

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"In my view this has to be one of the best New Age music releases I have heard for many years- an award winning album of true majesty-. and a multi-instrumental delight!" --Steve Sheppard One World Music UK

Music is an incredible medium; it can excite, confront, take us to the edge; equally other music can nurture, comfort and heal. Sanctuary is both a powerful grounding meditation soundtrack while equally artistically rich. Adam's sultry electric sitar and other worldly touches and Geyer's distinctive harmonic sensibilities on piano and vocal textures make Sanctuary both indulgence for the soul and a perfect healing backdrop for these troubled times. A combination of art and spirit.

Last year, Elizabeth was meditating in a dark room to stave off a blinding migraine while Paul practiced Native American flute downstairs. Something about the combination of the wind and the low gentle phrases Paul was playing was curiously grounding and she began to feel better. We hope you will find this artistically rich as well as meditative and helpful in these difficult times. We both wish you a loving journey.

Imagine you have been through a difficult time. You are still raw, shell shocked, depleted. Right at this time you find yourself transported to a soft safe place in the middle of a forest. The only sound is the breeze and birds. The ground is a soft bed of moss, pine needles and tiny worlds. There is a healing embrace here greater than everything you have been through. You lean into it. Sanctuary is our soundtrack to that forest.

Paul and I wanted to create a blissful music sanctuary to rest and renew when things get overwhelming. We hope you enjoy it too. - Elizabeth


"With Sanctuary Adams and Geyer once again prove that they are among this genre's finest artists... the soundscape is everything... beautiful beyond words." --B T Fasmer, New Age Music Guide, Belgium

"Sanctuary, which true to its title theme offers a warm, gentle, seamless from track to track dive into a peaceful and exotic realm of musical bliss!  Beyond the music, Paul created the beautiful natural cover photography and includes in the packaging six spiritually provocative/awakened poems intended to be read while listening to the sonic glories he and Elizabeth have created." --The JW Vibe, Jonathan Widran, USA

"The addition of various other textured layers of sounds like  electric sitar, chimes, etc... Elizabeth's wordless background vocalizations.. make for a completely immersive experience. I suggest putting this on a loop." --Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews, USA

"...the duo have created nine rich, earthy tracks of ambient and world music that seem to have a life of their own... It is like immersing in waters made of music... Highly recommended." --RJ Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews, USA

"Sanctuary is an exceptionally beautiful album-. We all need that right about now, but their musical artistry is truly timeless." --Dyan Garris, USA

"...soundscapes that draw you in and keep you comforted and relaxed is outstanding.. both a salve for the soul and peace for the mind." --Clouzine Magazine, UK 

Adams and Geyer's new album SANCTUARY pulls the Number 1 spot on New Age European charts  


1 Sanctuary 7:00
2 A Forest's Embrace 7:50
3 Through The Tree Tops 6:50
4 An Evening's Caress 7:30
5 Nothing Is Really Lost 5:05
6 Forest Light 7:00
7 Graceful Waters 6:00
8 An Endless Summer's Evening 6:00
9 By The Waters Edge 7:30

Artist - Elizabeth Geyer

Elizabeth is songwriter and horn player, telling both our awkward and beautiful human stories with her unique jazz sensibility 


 "She's a force of nature. Amazing singer and songwriter, original vocalist, wonderful trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist. She writes songs that come directly from the heart." --BRUCE LUNDVALL, BLUE NOTE RECORDS/EMI

'Geyer has a beautiful voice. Her songs have a perfect blend of fantastic vocals, songwriting and instrumentation.  Geyer's multi faceted talent is on full display in this wonderful album" (The Bridge)  --RICKY KEJ, #1 BILLBOARD ARTIST, MULTI GRAMMY AWARD WINNING COMPOSER/PRODUCER  

Life is not all waterfalls and rainbows. Chances are, when you need beauty the most, you will be stuck in a cement parking lot. But it is exactly that beauty in the ordinary - the kind that one has to dig deep to find, that has always fascinated Australian singer/songwriter and flugelhorn player Elizabeth Geyer.

Her songs have garnered praise from some the best ears in the business including Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil), multi Grammy Award winners Ricky Kej, Wouter Kellerman and Bill Champlin of the band Chicago.  In 2013 the late great Bruce Lundvall featured Elizabeth for his Blue Note Hour on Sirius XFM in New York.  Elizabeth's writing explores our inner lives - some herself, some others - in suburbia, caravan parks, feeling joy, grief, making awkward conversation, feeling loneliness, envy, or maybe just stuck at a party - from giddy first love, happy childhood memories all the way to late bloomers finding themselves or an old couple selling their lifelong family home, feeling enormous upheaval while simply waiting at the bustop. Each of us is unique, chequered, flawed, vulnerable, beautiful.

 In a world filled with clumsy attempts to connect with each other, - where, as she sings, everyone is on their phones - Elizabeth's music does exactly that; it connects us from the heart".

"There's something about Elizabeth's voice and the changes she likes and the horn rising up out it all that is so bloody original. Lyrically it's anything but predictable, almost conversational. The songwriting and musicianship is just superb." --JIM MOGINIE, SONGWRITER/PRODUCER/FOUNDING MEMBER, MIDNIGHT OIL

"If it was me I'd make a law that everyone on earth should hear that song (The Bridge). Absolutely beautiful. Awesome lyrics and the girl is soo musical" --BILL CHAMPLIN, MULTIPLE GRAMMY  WINNER, the band CHICAGO

Artist - Paul Adams

I wonder what it is that Paul Adams doesn't do? Working in multiple genres, his 13 critically acclaimed albums have over 128 million streams on Pandora and can be heard on Spotify, Sirius Radio The Spa, Music Choice, Amazon Radio, Echoes, Apple Radio, Tidal and other worldwide platforms. In May of 2016 his album IMAGININGS won Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year at the Zone Music Awards in New Orleans! His follow up album with Australian Elizabeth Geyer DEEPER IMAGININGS was released to rave reviews and nominated New Age album of the year by the Independent Music Awards as well as Meditation Album of the Year by the Zone Music Reporter. Having worked in mental health for 35 years, Paul also utilizes his music in various modalities such as meditation, relaxation, sleep, yoga and addiction.  In 2022 using the pseudonym PD Adams, he released a lyric oriented album called THIS CURIOUS WONDER to rave reviews in the Americana genre.

With a background in Ethnomusicology, Paul began building stringed musical instruments. He has built instruments for well-known musicians including Daryl Hall and members of Stevie Wonder's band. Paul is also a writer, poet, and photographer and developed an interest in playing a vast array of exotic instruments. When asked about his diversity he likens himself to a painter. "I've always loved the different musical genres. Just as a painter doesn't want to be stuck in oils, or acrylic, I don't want to be restricted to one theme".   

Adams album SLEEP the dreaming flute won Native Flute Album of the Year at the Zone Music Awards in 2013. His albums HEAVENS and FLUTE MEDITATIONS FOR DREAMING CLOUDS were also forged in this meditational style. THE PROPERTY OF WATER was created with electronic  music pioneer Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse, an intelligent music program for computer. Because of its blend with acoustic instruments and nature, Laurie herself referred to it as a "unique amalgam of silicon and wood."   

A VIEW FROM THE PLAIN and THIS CHRISTMAS use Paul's drop thumb guitar style to create images of the prairie (Think John Fehey). Some familiar with Adams may not know that his unique style was the result of a tragic accident in which three fingers on Paul's fretting hand were amputated. The ends were rebuilt with grafts from his leg and he says, "I had to completely re-approach my playing. A radio program that had placed my debut album VARIOUS WAVES in the TOP 5 of the year was most impressed with my 'unique way' of phrasing!  Limitation sometimes has a way of pushing one beyond barriers."   

IN THE LAND WHERE I COME FROM is yet another genre busting jump crossing boundaries of the best in Jazz,  Pop, and World influences, venturing even into groove and rhythmic poetry. Described by some as a masterpiece - it's a wonder filled celebration of humankind in all its light and darkness, thematically centered around a magical place called BUTTERLAND which Paul humorously refers as a "polyunsaturated journey to mystical worlds."   

Adams is no stranger to collaboration either, in 2015 producing and recording projects with Australian singer songwriter Elizabeth Geyer and Indian flautist Pravin Godkhindi (Albums IMAGININGS and DEEPER IMAGININGS). And last but not least, The Neurons album DANCE - Paul's ongoing project with Ray Charles long term arranger David Hoffman.  Paul explains "Neurons has been a chance to work with David's genius and utilize my instruments in a jazzier way, blending world music and groove.  "From time to time I find music unique and original, a pathfinder, music that realizes new ideas, instruments and styles. That's Dance by The Neurons!"  Smooth & Soul Magazine,  Germany  

 In 2022 Paul and Elizabeth Geyer released SANCTUARY. "The main focus on this album was combining beauty with serene calm. We've been working on this for two years and are so happy it was released to rave reviews throughout the world" 

Lastly, Paul released THIS CURIOUS WONDER.  A songwriter album 30 years in the making. "I had this songwriter side waiting in the wings and it was an important step in realizing myself as an artist."  To keep from confusing his audience Adams he released THIS CURIOUS WONDER under the name PD Adams. The album is contained within a six page cover sleeve and includes a four page insert of lyrics and poetry that embrace what Adams refers to as a "gritty prairie-grass oriented existential look at the world. From the heinous to the sublime, it's all right here in its glory". Adams says its storyline poses those human questions that often drift down from the ether in the middle of the night during deep states of dreaming.