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SKU: 755491234150 The Curious Wonder - CD

The Curious Wonder - CD
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    Format: CD
    PD Adams
    The Curious Wonder - CD

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"This Curious Wonder is an existential look at the world. This "Americana-ish" album is "beautifully gritty, lyrical and poetic." Contains CD as well as bonus artwork, poetry and lyric booklet! PD Adams (aka Paul Adams) This Curious Wonder is wholly beautiful ! Channeling a stillness that honors true teachers like Thich Nhat Hanh, this is a deeply lovable album !" -AMERICANA HIGHWAYS

"I love composing the new age and world music, but I've always known I was also an old fashioned singer/songwriter as well. To keep from confusing fans and digital algorhythms, I'm releasing this under the name PD Adams. Anyway, I feel as if I have faced this mysteriously wonderful world (That can also be quite difficult at times) and poetically expressed those existential questions and conclusions that have been gifted to me from that magical place of wonder and awe. I am deeply grateful for having done this. Frankly, fear was my main barrier. It seems to have vanished. When I was a tiny fella, my neighbor Mrs Barton told me I should be a singer & lyricist. Took me awhile.  Again...grateful.

"It is a different painting from my previous work and I hope it touches you as it's touched me. Elizabeth Geyer added direction and vocals and co composed the track SONGBIRD (With added piano). National Flatpicking champion Andy Hatfield added some incredibally creative mandolin. I met Bradley Harper (From the UK) on instagram who was looking for recording work. Not knowing him in the least, I gambled and sent him tracks and he mailed back steel guitar that was absolutely perfect. Sometimes It's good to risk! Of course David Hoffman provided a bit of trumpet on the song SPARK and really gave it excitement. Head over to the PD Adams page and listen. Also there is artwork and bonus art and poetry.

"For years I was a luthier building stringed instruments (An exotic 10 stringed Swedish Hummel for Daryl Hall is one example). But composing was my passion. In the 90's inspired by college studies in Ethnomusicology, I released twelve instrumental albums with some success (amassing over 118 million streams on Pandora). I even won some nifty awards

"Even though I was also writing poetry and lyric songs through the years, I  lacked confidence. I also felt too over exposed to release them. Thank God it came to me that if these songs fell in my head from that creative place of wonder, there was a reason for it. And my style of recording and producing was valid. None of us should ignore our gifts.

"I love being varietal and have always utilized many genres in my music. But, it's created some confusion (Musicians, unlike painters are expected to stay in one genre). In releasing these lyric  tunes I've decided to use a slightly different name (PD Adams), to reduce confusion from my previous albums. So, this page expresses another side to my work and I feel grateful to have done it.  AND I'll feel grateful if some of you follow along this somewhat existential journey. Many thanks to ELIZABETH GEYER in Australia, national flatpicking champ ANDY HATFIELD and England's BRADLEY HARPER (Who I met on Instagram) on Pedal Steele. -PD Adams
"An album beautifully gritty, lyrical and poetic. A deeply American look at our involvement in the world around us." -HVY Journal

"...a collection of songs full of amazing wonder that any conscious human will appreciate. -AMERICANA RHYTHM MUSIC MAGAZINE Nashville

"Ambitious and accessible, ethereal and familiar wistful and poetic yet brash and bold causes feelings of dread and glee, lethargy and yes, wonder.  THIS CURIOUS WONDER is a little like some satisfying half-asleep musing about the mysteries of love and life .Highly recommended!" -BILL KNIGHT Community Word

" A highly personal album with highly universal feelings that might cut too close to the bone for the average mook to handle. Raw, bare knuckle writing throughout, a few spins through this is better and cheaper than therapy" -MIDWEST RECORD REVIEW 

"With the new album, This Curious Wonder by PD Adams, we are reminded why we still prefer physical media. Lyrics, liner notes, and personal pictures beckon us into the heart and soul behind Adam's powerfully resonant voice." - Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company


1 Sometimes I Feel
2 Man at 4th & Vine
3 Spark
4 You Are Not That
5 I'm Alone
6 Winters Year
7 Freaks
8 Western Wind
9 Old Faded Photo
10 Songbird
11 Somewhere In Time
12 The Picnic